Childrens Furniture

Kid’s furniture: choosing is always not that simple

From the cabinets to the bed of the children’s bedroom and the desk where they will begin to study, you will come to know how to choose them in this article, all you need to know about children’s furniture so that the children’s furniture you choose meets the needs of your child and coupling to the stages of growth.


Storage pieces and games

Another of the key pieces to decorate children’s bedrooms is the drawers. A piece of furniture that will serve in all the stages of the child and that is very practical to store clothes and diapers. On the chest of drawers you can adapt a changing pad that will be used to change the diapers during the first years but which will be useful later. If the size of the bedroom allows it, creating a playground is an interesting idea.  This playground can have an Indian or tipi tent, a low table to play or draw or a mini-kitchen, as well as drawers to store all the toys.

Children’s wardrobes

For corners and heights of the room you could make a custom cabinet. Yu will be in favor of giving it a neutral and timeless aesthetic so that this children’s wardrobe will continue to be valid when the child is 18 years old. For this, you must bet for smooth doors or with molding according to the style and in wood or in tones that do not leave the scale of whites. You can put a couple of drawers seen in the lower part which can be opened without opening the wardrobe door. When they are smaller, you can put clothes and pants folded there. Thus, the child will be able to choose and keep the clothes for something that encourages their autonomy when they start to dress themselves.

The ideal wardrobe is the one that grows and changes with the child. If at least you cannot do it on the outside, do it inside with shelves, drawers, shelves and hanging bars that can be moved and adapted to the height of children’s clothes. You can find different types customize furniture for kids in Kindermöbel. When they can dress alone, it is very important that they are able to see and access their clothes and accessories. A good tip to give a personalized air to children’s furniture is to look for a theme like animals, travel, sports and integrate it in the closet. The advantage is that these stickers can be easily removed.

Conclusion: The children’s desk

The height of the children’s desk should be appropriate to the height you have at that time, as well as the chair. In this way, the child will gain autonomy and confidence. The material that the children’s desk is made of must be resistant and easy to clean. Avoid glass and soft woods which will end with stripes very soon. Place the children’s desk near a window so that your child has the right light to write, paint, cut.