How to get clear skin to attract the eyes?

Having a lifeless skin can be depressing, regardless of age or time of year. If you are looking for beauty tips to help you lighten your skin,have a look here! You will see the best natural treatments to make the skin clearer and brighter. The scrub will remove the tan from your body, and all help you lighten your dark body parts. The mask will help you get fairer, brighter and tighter skin. The mask is very effective at lightening the skin and whitening the skin.

Skin Care

Natural recipes to lighten the skin: Lemon juice

It is a very effective natural product, known for its ability to lighten the skin and for its great content of Vitamin C. This vitamin allows regulating the production of melanin, the substance responsible for giving color to the skin. Since lemon contains citric acid, it is also important for cell regeneration.Pass a slice of this super citrus directly on the face or area of ​​skin that you want to lighten. You can also dip some cotton into its juice and apply it to your skin. Keep in mind that after treatment you cannot go out in the open air or expose yourself to the sun. So take advantage of a weekend day or a holiday to do it. If you forget it, your skin will stain even more.


Without a doubt this is the best property to get the healthy skin around the year. You can apply it to clear spots, wrinkles and acne. It is also ideal for stimulating hair follicles, disinfecting wounds and eliminating dandruff. Blend a red onion and soak the cotton in its juice, then apply it on the spots. Leave for 10 minutes, and then wash with cold water. Keep in mind that if the area is irritated you may feel a little burning. If this becomes unbearable, rinse immediately.


Apple vinegar is one of your favorite allies in the list of natural remedies, both for health and beauty. This is due to its acidic pH, excellent for closing the pores and at the same time obtaining a smoother and brighter skin.You simply have to wet a little cotton in apple vinegar and apply it on the stains, leaving for 20 minutes. Then rinse with very cold water.

Conclusion: Beautiful skin all year

No doubt, you want to have a beautiful skin 365 days a year. A porcelain skin uniform without spots wrinkles or pimples, free from imperfections and signs of age or exposure to the sun. To achieve this, you can take advantage of the precious ingredients offered by nature. Create your own cosmetic first aid kit to eliminate dark spots on your skin and especially on your face. The skin discolorations may be caused by several factors, but it is especially excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays or the lack of hydration after being in the sun. They can also be due to hormonal changes, during pregnancy or the menstrual cycle for example, or over time.