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The WiFi is a system allowing the wireless connection between a computer device (computer, tablet, smartphone) to the Internet via the transmission of radio waves. Appeared in 1997, this technology is today part of the daily lives of millions of French people. Airports, cafes or trains, WiFi is now present in more and more public places. To learn more about this system, discover our complete guide!

The essential:

  • WiFi connects a computer device to the Internet or other wireless device.
  • During a WiFi connection, data is transmitted via radio frequencies to a router.
  • The main alternative to WiFi is Li-Fi, but it is not yet available for individuals.

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What is WiFi?

Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) is a technology that allows wireless connection between a computer and the Internet, as well as between devices (for example, between a computer and a printer). Data is transmitted at high speed thanks to radio waves.

The WiFi appellation is actually a registered trademark formerly Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance. Simpler to remember, the name WiFi is now also used in everyday life to refer to the IEEE 802.11 standard. In some countries, such as Germany or the United States, the term Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is also used.

What is WiFi for?

WiFi connects a device to the Internet or other wireless device. One of the main advantages is to offer users greater mobility. Thanks to WiFi, you do not need to be connected to a cable to access the Internet. It is possible to move freely anywhere in the covered area.

How does WiFi work?

For a WiFi connection to work, it is necessary to have a router and a device (computer, smartphone,) equipped with a wireless network adapter that will convert the data sent into a radio signal. These will then be transmitted to the router through a radio antenna.

During a WiFi connection, the data is transmitted bidirectional that is to say from the equipped device to the router, but also from the Internet to the router. In the second case, it is the wireless adapter of the device that will receive the data.

Wireless communication is established via radio waves. To enjoy a good quality WiFi, the ideal would be to have no other electrical devices emitting waves to avoid interference. The closer the receiver and transmitter are, the faster the flow will be.

Free WiFi Hotspot

According to a study conducted by the firm France was the country with the most WiFi hotspots. These have multiplied over the years. If today France has been caught up by the United States and China, it is still one of the world’s most connected countries. WiFi terminals, also known as hotspots, are points of access to the WiFi wireless network. Often free, hotspots are usually found in public places such as trains, railway stations, hotels or airports. Now you can get your own HotSpot Without any complication. You need to look at the options and opt for the best details for the same.