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Kid’s furniture: choosing is always not that simple

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From the cabinets to the bed of the children’s bedroom and the desk where they will begin to study, you will come to know how to choose them in this article, all you need to know about children’s furniture so that the children’s furniture you choose meets the needs of your child and coupling to the stages of growth. Storage pieces and games Another of the key pieces to decorate children’s bedrooms is the drawers. A piece of furniture that will serve in all the stages of the child and that is very practical to store clothes and diapers. On the chest of drawers you can adapt a changing pad that will be used to change the diapers during the first years but which will be useful later. If the size of the bedroom allows it, creating a playground is an interesting idea.  This playground can have an Indian or tipi tent, a low table to play or draw or a mini-kitchen, as well as drawers to store all the toys. Children’s wardrobes For corners and heights of the room you could make a custom cabinet. Yu will be in favor of giving it a neutral and timeless aesthetic so […]